lolita coords!! i love lolita fashion so these is a little collection of all the dresses
i own and some coords i have planned.


(Sweet) Sweet Cherry Deer by Souffle Song
(Waqi) The Flowering Trees by BoliCherry
(Sweet/Country) The Forest by Lady Sloth (unavilable now)
(Gothic) Royal Kitten by Haenuli (defunct company, unavailable now)

My Cherry Deer and Royal Kitten coords are completed now, and I am
currently looking into finishing my Waqi coord and starting a Country Coord!
If you have any dress reccomendations, I prefer JSK's and my Bust/Waist/Shoulders
(if you recommend OP's) is 46/46/22 IN, or 120/120/52 CM!

I love supporting indie brands and buying secondhand
so please drop me a line if interested! My contact information is listed in socials!